Pristine Raeign on the Move

Daille is currently the music director of this versatile new project, Pristine Raeign. This band was the vision of a super talented lead vocalist and entertainer, Shianne Ladale who hails from Dallas, TX. The band has been in existence for a few years, but collectively the members have over twenty-five years experience in the business. They have been ranked the #1 and #2 band in the Wilmington, DE region in the Funk/Country/Blues genre according to Reverb Nation since joining the page over a year ago. Visit for music, videos, photos, and a complete calendar of the band schedule. Pristine Raeign was formed by Ms. Ladale, previously a professional country singer & Nashville Recording artist. She came to the Tri-state area from Texas after taking a brief break to return to her first love, music. Shianne moved to the Northeast with plans to work on a project. As a result, their faith brought Shianne and drummer Tina Young together to form what is now known as Pristine Raeign. The band has been performing almost every genre of music from their locale of Delaware, to New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington, DC. . They have been recording original music and released an EP featuring some of the hottest tracks around. It will be no surprise to hear them on radio stations in the near future. A complete CD project will be coming soon, because the band is full of creative energy that just keeps on flowing... Their next engagement will be at the Pickled Herring in North East, MD on Saturday, June 13th--a spot where the crowd has been so entertained that the band has repeatedly been invited for return performances since January of 2015. Another highlight of the summer will be the band's performance during the LadyBug Music Festival in Wilmington, DE on Thursday, July 16th. This show will feature Daille, Tina, Shianne, Tracyne Hines on bass, and special guest Karyn Smith on guitar for an all female lineup! This is an event you DO NOT WANT TO MISS, so MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW! Daille is very excited to be a part of this project, because it allows her to use her music directing skills in a new way. Every project has new challenges, and she is up for the task. Integrating and infusing new styles and incorporating them into her repertoire can be daunting, but Daille takes it in stride. Blues, Rock, and Country music are genres that she has always enjoyed, but playing them hasn't always been easy, because they didn't come as naturally to her as Jazz, R&B, and Funk. However, Daille is making the transition, and is also co-songwriting with Ladale to prepare for her other developing skill, music production. This band is sure to grow by leaps and bounds by such committed individuals.

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