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Daille Kettrell: Links

CD, The Rite Time, The Rite Moment is available for purchase on ITunes
Daille's CD, The Rite Time, The Rite Moment is available for purchase on Amazon
See more of Daille's photos, her bio, and other pertinent info
See Daille's updates on gigs, musical happenings, tours, workshops, photos, newsfeed, podcasts, friends, and fans
Jango Airplay
Jango is an internet radio station. You can request to hear Daille's music, or play a song in the same style by selected well known artists, and Daille's music will follow that selection. This is one way to allow her music to gain exposure around the world and new fans at home and abroad.
CD Baby
Purchase The Rite Time, The Rite Moment here
Youtube Video
The video is entitled "Daille Wants To Play 4 U"
Youtube Video
Video is called "Daille Can Wail on Guitar"
Hear other songs Daille has performed. Other photos, see her friends, become a friend!
Daille is MD of this project based out of Wilmington, DE consisting of female artists, which performs throughout the tristate area.
This is a secondary source where Daille's music and engagement information can be accessed.
Another source where Pristine Raeign Band information and engagement schedule can be accessed.