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Daille Kettrell: Blog

My Influences

Posted on November 23, 2011 with 0 comments
I would have to say there are at least two individuals in the music realm I would like, or would have liked to meet. The late Mary Lou Williams, legendary pianist/composer is one at the top of my list. I am influenced greatly by what she has done. She's one of the giants that has received countless accolades, awards, and tributes, but in my estimation we just don't hear about her often enough. She was a BAAAAAAAD improvising pianist that had a technique that you wouldn't believe. Williams was a woman of substance, with panache, class, and style. I'm sure she earned a host of degrees, honorary and otherwise. She was an innovator as a composer. Most notably, Mary Lou was a bandleader. She established her position in the Andy Kirk Big Band as the "woman who drives the band..." It should have been named the Mary Lou Williams Big Band. Dr. Mary Lou Williams. Doc could play any style, bop, swing, or stride. Nobody would DARE call her a great pianist, for a woman. Hell, she could play male pianists under the table.
Also, another phenomenal artist I would like to meet is Prince. Not only is he a versatile musician/multi-instrumentalist--he also is a creative genius when it comes to songwriting. He puts on a showstopping performance, even today. Everyone who has seen him live in concert can tell you this, even as recently as his latest tour...HEY! Which reminds me, Stevie Wonder SHOULD ALSO be at the TOP OF MY LIST! Such a genius, such a warm gentle spirit! And Esperanza, what a gift of song, "bassology,"
composition, and improvisation...HOT! I'm sure I will have more to add, just have to let this one stand until then...